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Bleep Mix #90 - N.M.O.

N.M.O. are drummer and producer Morten Joh and synthesist Rubén Patiño. They have released previously on labels such as Diagonal, The Death of Rave and most recently their three-track 12” on Gang Of Ducks. Their experimental take on club music is replicated in their Bleep mix, which travels through a range of sonics, some being cutting edge rave fare and some just pleasing real world sounds such as rally cars and trotting horses.


Otto Luening - Gargoyles
Abdo Shamakh - Mapenzi Ya Ashiki
XIII - explo_er
Slikback - Bantu Zen
Jammes Tenney - A Rose Is A Rose Is A Round
BBC Sound Effects- Rally Car Racing, Cars Doing A Chicane (Double Turn)
Unknown Artist (Music in the world of Islam (Recordings by Jean Jenkis) - Nafir
Henri Posseur - Séismogrammes I
Sigurd Brokke - Fanten
Henri Posseur - Scambi
Dariush Dolat-Shahi - Samā'
Sote- Atomic Hypocrisy
Eivind Groven / Ola Brenno - Jesus Din Søde Forening
BBC Sound Effects - One Horse Trots Past On Tarmac
Plastikman - 10
BBC Sound Effects- Horses, One Unshound Horse Passes
BBC Sound Effects - One Horse Trots Past
Aïsha Devi - Time (tool)
BBC Sound Effects - One Horse At Walk Approaches, Dismounted
Francesco Cavaliere - Le sabbie dai denti di Flayago, pepite pepite pepite
Dis Fig - Drum Fife Bugle
Atari Teenage Riot - Fuck All!
Aslak Brekke - slåttestev
DJ Manny - Ghost Out
Ånon Lyngtveit - stevtone
Eivind Groven - JI organ
Olav Harstad - stevtone
Eivind Groven - JI organ
DJ Clent - Bang That Rat
Gro Heddi Brokke - stev
Ingeborg Jordet - lokk
Eivind Groven - JI organ and explanations

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