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Bleep Mix #161 - Jurango

  1. Bleep Mix #161 - Jurango

    Bleep Mix #161 - Jurango

Bristolian DJ and producer Jurango aka Nathan Reece delivers a high octane Bleep mix. His dedicated appreciation for complex rhythm makes for a tasty thread throughout the runtime, a tacit understanding that each of his selections — picked from a wide pool of styles — hold a common strand of DNA. The anti-colonial, anti-racist fury of some doubled-up Sankara Future Dub Resurgence bangers echoes across the extra-musical electronic conceptualism of Aho Ssan’s ‘Simulacrum III’ and deep into the bpm-crunching riddim of Kuenta i Tambú & Wiwek’s ‘Dem A Call It Tambú’.

"The mix is a bit of an extension of a worldwide sharing of ideas best described in the link below - defo have a read ! Packed full of afrofuturistic voices, it touches a few different sounds + feelings from the challenging and introspective as well as a bit of a party

Has been road tested for apprehension + dystopia via a night walk through a dormant city and can confirm both are abundantly present. TW: topics of colonialism + systemic racism" - Jurango


  1. dBridge - Direct Reflection
  2. Sankara Future Dub Resurgence - Two Thousand Seasons Dub
  4. Y A S H A - NEW JERSEY (short ver.)
  5. Jamaica Mnanda - Masikini Naye Mtu (Troels B-Knudsen Remix)
  6. Kuenta i Tambú & Wiwek - Dem A Call It Tambú
  7. DJ Nativesun x DJ Swisha - ALONE (Refix)
  8. Robin Stewart - THCX
  9. Sankara Future Dub Resurgence - Anarchist Africa
  10. Aho Ssan - Simulacrum III
  11. Masma Dream World - 333 AM
  12. Lamin Fofana - Confrontation
  13. OVEOUS - Somewhere In America (Yoruba Soul Mix)
  14. Indy Nyles - I Still Begin
  15. Outputmessage - War.Experiment.0000A
  16. Alan D. Oldham - The Intuitionist
  17. Gafacci - Wabisabi 侘寂
  18. Jowaa - Boss Du Festival
  19. Mesen Selekta - Kanya Boya
  20. DJ Dariiofox - Bunker
  21. CalvoMusic, Ga$ton, Neptune XXL - Neptune Speaks
  22. Jurango - Leftover Iris
  23. CANDO - Bleak Dub ft Rider Shafique Dub Plate
  24. Benga - Killers About
  25. Skillibeng - Bad Everyday (feat. Prince Swanny)
  26. HOLODEC - Street Talk (Kelman Duran Remix)
  27. Jurango - Isle of Crass
  28. Mario Swagga & DJ Silila - Nimpende Yupi
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