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Editorial Bleep Mix #131 - Forest Drive West

  1. Editorial Bleep Mix #130 - Rival Consoles

    Editorial Bleep Mix #130 - Rival Consoles

Forest Drive West goes deep on this contribution to Bleep’s mix series. While the blends here may move through a variety of tempos, this is an hour of music schooled in dub science and cloaked in thick, trippy textures. The first third of the mix sees Forest Drive West running at dancehall tempo, delivering ultra-heavy dubwise riddims which will delight anyone who’s dug the techno dancehall sound of labels like Gobstopper and Livity Sound in recent years. The mid-section takes the listener even deeper, dubbing out in the African Head Charge style, before Forest Drive West emerges with some thrilling experimental jungle in the mix’s second half.

"This mix contains a lot of forthcoming and unreleased music, remixes from friends, new discoveries and some old favourites" - Joe Baker/Forest Drive West


  1. Leif - Seeker
  2. Loop FL - Mondo
  3. Forest Drive West - Untitled
  4. Terrain - Bolivar
  5. Gotshell - Nine Hours Into the Jungle
  6. Terrain - Walker
  7. Azu Tiwaline - Tight Wind ft Cinna Peyghamy
  8. Forest Drive West - Untitled
  9. Forest Drive West - Ricochet (Felix K Reinterpretation)
  10. The Untouchables - DFAM MESS
  11. Forest Drive West - Untitled
  12. Forest Drive West - Void Control
  13. Space Matters - Flat Planet
  14. Forest Drive West - Terminus
  15. Forest Drive West - They Live (Pessimist Remix)
  16. Ancestral Voices - Jadian Sun
  17. Hokusai - Red Light
  18. El Choop - render_001_primer
  19. Kloke - Other Worlds
  • Artist
    Forest Drive West
    Terminus - EP
    R&S Records
    Catalogue Number
    Release Date
    August 21, 2020

    If Equiknoxx, Minor Science and Slikback made a tune together it might sound something like ‘Impulse’, the opening cut which positively gallops out of the blocks on Forest Drive West’s Terminus EP. ‘Impulse’ is a thrilling production, one which also perfectly sets out the stall for the rest of Terminus. ‘Impulse’ builds outwards from classic jungle and hardcore sounds - over a whirlwind drum loop and distorted ‘Woo! Yeah!’ sample, Forest Drive West layers writhing bass and grinding synthesisers to create an invigoratingly tense number.

    The remaining cuts on Terminus follow suit by at once supercharging classic rave sounds and also taking them into a strange, shadowy and mysterious new space. ‘Void Control’ and the Terminus title-track exhibit the same freewheeling energy that characterises the best Special Request cuts, their breakbeats skittering around all amid all manner of alien synth tones.

    There is also a darkness which lurks at the corner of this record that makes one think of Pessimist, Overlook and the rest of the UVB-76 label. It’s a vibe which is accentuated still further on closing cut ‘Curved Path’, a tune where paranoid drum ‘n’ bass passages in the Metalheadz mould are balanced out with periods of ominous ambience.

    The Terminus EP sees Forest Drive West delivering a blistering ride through post-jungle productions.

    Digital Track List

    1. 1 Impulse 7:21 Buy
    2. 2 Terminus 7:09 Buy
    3. 3 Void Control 7:39 Buy
    4. 4 Curved Path 7:33 Buy
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