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  • Starburst Starburst Starburst EP Pearson Sound Buy

    Long been a fan of all things David Kennedy. Tbh Ramadanman 'Grab Somebody' was one of the records that really shattered me, after some years of listening to mostly ambient & drone music, world music. His music has always reminded me of Scientist, the candy so often coming from effects. The way a delayed snare hit is emotional in this music. This song is extremely flexible, I play it nearly every time I DJ. Years ahead imo. Surprised more people stateside don't flip on his music. I love it when the mix dries out at 5:05 and you can see the whole trajectory.

  • Black Ink Black Ink Pyramid Lake Airhead Buy

    This texture is so complete, it's very multi-sensory, I'm always pairing this sound with flavors. Must say that M.E.S.H. Fact mix with this and the "Are You That Somebody" accapella is so twisted I laughed the first listen.

  • Fighting Without Fighting Fighting Without Fighting Better Ways Of Living / Fighting Without Fighting Peverelist Buy

    All I can say is that if you hear this through the a great, flexible system, it's revelatory. The kick drum is so organic, the dubbing of the drums, this is incredibly fun dance music. Everytime I play this people come running to ask who?

  • Multistability 3 Multistability 3 Multistabilitiy Mark Fell Buy

    I'm kind of a massive fan of all things Mark Fell, I mean, Sensate Focus 1.6 truly blew me away. This is the track that I've always felt most connected to - which, I know seems like a strange verb when talking about Fell - but his music is very sensitive and emotional. This music is like philosophy in a way - it's logical, linear, but also deeply personal.When a 'clap' finds it's way in around 3:45 i'm all :')

  • Atlanta 96 Atlanta 96 Kowloon EP Logos Buy

    Of all the shattering grime producers, Logos is kinda the king to me. The LP was clearly amazing, but this is the song that got me hooked. We played this constantly at Club Undo, always has baltimore with their hands in the air which is kinda amazing considering it's basically made of a square wave and wind chimes.

  • Urban Myth Urban Myth Urban Myth Iglew Buy

    Fell in love with this immediately - so spare but also so loaded. I'm very jealous of producers who really slay with silence…

  • Slope Slope Slope Joe Buy

    Another track that I play a lot for its functionality - like so much of the Hessle discography - it works well for dancers but is also cerebral. That's a balance I feel like I always have to reach for the Baltimore / Club Undo crowd…the heads want concepts paired with physicality, the freeqs want flavors paired with sound...

  • The First Quarter The First Quarter The Four Quarters Vladislav Delay Buy

    I'm a huge fan of everything Sasu Ripatti does, very addicted to the footworkish things he released last year. I'll be honest - I stare at those photographs of his studio in Wire and melt…this is the first record by Vladislav that i got into…I have a feeling i'll be listening to this in 2050 as much as I do now.

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