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Urban Myth
Urban Myth
Gobstopper Records
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April 2015
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After the deconstruction experiment that was the Peace Edits Vol. 1 compilation, Mr. Mitch and his go-to grime imprint Gobstopper continue their classy streak with Iglew’s Urban Myth EP. The Leeds-based producer fits in well with the cold production aesthetics that the label has become know for in its four years running. His arrangements are spacious, building up tension more by means of the notes that aren’t there than with the ones that are, most effectively showcased in the arhythmic tendencies of ‘Regalia’. ‘Sleep Lighter’ introduces the trademark gliding squares bass sound in its modern form with added noise effects, flat clap sounds and clever harmonic overtones. The title track on the other hand opts for a steadier atmosphere, its drifting reverberant synth continuous, whereas the deeply grounded patterns of ‘Cymatism’ mimic a bubblegum-like texture, running parallel, but slightly delayed, as if they were two ends of a threading, swathing material.

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  1. 1 Sleep Lighter 4:27 Iglew Buy
  2. 2 Urban Myth 4:13 Iglew Buy
  3. 3 Regalia 5:56 Iglew Buy
  4. 4 Cymatism 3:18 Iglew Buy

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