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Awanto 3 Chart

Awanto 3 Chart

Awanto 3 Chart

The top releases on Bleep, as selected by Awanto 3.

Awanto 3 Chart

  • Friend Zone Friend Zone Drunk Thundercat Buy

    In my opinion one of his most impressive tracks on his latest album is this piece of pure art. Lots of times his lovely 'Golden age of apocalypse' gave me lots of kinda lucky feelings and did fancy me to make music. Even when it never would sound like his but just to play around with bass and compose other new worlds around it. 'Drunk' is an album I have on repeat and I cannot stop pushing forward to those who never heard his stuff before. Absolute recommended! Watch out for his tour together with JamesZoo this year :)

  • Saskamodie Saskamodie Saskamodie Mocky Buy

    A huge inspirator in my life. An old friend who introduced me into Andy Kaufman's world of antihumor. Mocky has been the key figure of Rednose Distrikt's birth back at the end of the '90s - early 2000. When Chili Gonzales came over from Canada to Holland and found me playing jazz records in our resident bar called Vaaghuyzen at the centre of Amsterdam, he brought his friend Peaches and both stayed over jamming with me until the break of dawn. The following year they came back and introduced me to Mocky who had a couple of very impressive tapes with him he recorded. I was totally amazed and decided to release his work on my micro label called Zephon's Mom.

    Later on we did a lot of crazy stuff together and finally he moved. Until today I am so thankful for these moments we had. Listen to his latest album 'Key Change' and to this typical Mocky album. Nothing but Love and respect.

  • Romantic Bureaucracy Romantic Bureaucracy Araya Fatima Yamaha Buy

    Chosen for this chart and chosen for my Dekmantel podcast as well. This crazy good intro-wise almost totally beatless piano banger dances my mind out of my reality zone and many of Yamaha's productions do. Hopefully lots of new creations will appear in this life and will keep on rocking the turntables as they should. Very strong EP I think and a right chosen piece of musical art in the Dekmantel family.

  • Takin' Me Over Takin' Me Over The Return of the Basehead Kid Sublime Buy

    I have collaborated with Kid Sublime many times in the Rednose Distrikt of Amsterdam back in the days. We released our debut album called 'iller dan je ouders' on the Kindred Spirits institute and made our own world for a few intense years by collaborating with homies and artists like Parra, Aardvarck, Stefan Schmid, Jos de Haas, Rafaela Herbert, Andy Birnbaum, Stefan Kruger etc.. check out this great release on Dopeness Galore, Wouda's Amsterdam-based label that is solid and stands for high quality. Wouda a.k.a Wouter Brandenburg did an awesome job on mastering the Gargamel tracks. Listen how he boost up this one here!

  • You Hear Me You Hear Me Toch Al De Vijfde EP San Soda Buy

    My brother from Belgium, where I was born, makes me feel proud every time I listen to his amazing powerful and funky productions. His DJ sets are magical as well and this guy deserves to be at the queens suite to have a proper massage from the majesty herself. This sweet banger is def a winner and could have been a inspiration for another album that is made for the club.

  • Range Rover Range Rover Alive Overlast Buy

    This man Overlast is a genius producer and drummer. I was very honoured to invite him for a night session at the little house where I produced my second album called Gargamel. Jan did a tight cowbell jam on 'The Dragon' and his sister and my good friend Laura did the Shekere. Jan Overlast is based in Amsterdam and almost every night and day behind his MPC. Range Rover is one of his best tracks I think but he's got way way more. Keep an eye on him, he will take over if you don't..

  • Redbox Redbox Redbox Dexter Buy

    Another close friend I have chosen for this chart. Dexter and me grew up in the same area in the North of Holland. Later on Steffi, Dexter and I started Klakson Records, a fitting platform where Dexter could release his jacking electro disco bangers and new music would have the chance to be heard. Until now he still rocks on and is producing many energetic quality dance floor orientated burners and produces many stuff together with Steffi and Virginia as well.

  • Get Me What You Want Get Me What You Want Night Voyage Tool Kit II Bok Bok / Tom Trago Buy

    If you need to fire up the club this killer does that easily. Tom Trago has always been a very special friend, still is, and strong force in the musical scene of Amsterdam. His jams with Bok Bok resulted in few releases that are great inspirations for me holding on the drums loud and well mixed. Real club stuff and nasty enough for more bigger rooms.

  • Nakamarra Nakamarra Gilles Peterson Presents Brownswood Bubblers Nine Hiatus Kaiyote Buy

    The incredible album 'Choose your weapon' that saw the light in 2015 is still one of my favourite albums of all times. It sounded like crystal clear language to me but made me feel like I was born again every time I put the volume up with this one.

    Real music for real diamonds. When I am down, this music always makes me shine. I can listen to it on repeat for hours without feeling any form of boredom.

  • Freak Like Me Freak Like Me Deeon Doez Deeon! DJ Deeon Buy

    Bring your ass to the nearest soundsystem and put on any production of DJ Deeon if you want to have a party. Said that I wish you a lot of fun.

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