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Top 10 Albums of the Year 2017: Kelela - Take Me Apart

Top 10 Albums of the Year 2017: Kelela - Take Me Apart

For Warp, 2017 belonged to the contemporary R&B icon-in-the-making, Kelela. Having set the world alight with Cut 4 Me, Take Me Apart delivered everything that mixtape promised and so much more. The jaw-dropping collision of soaring songcraft and experimental electronics has made Take Me Apart not only one of 2017's greatest albums, but surely one of the most important within electronic music this year as a whole.

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Warp presents Take Me Apart, the debut album from contemporary R&B’s icon-in-the-making, Kelela. The long-awaited opus arrives at the tail end of an extended tour with The xx and scene-stealing guest spots on recent albums from longtime ally Solange, Warp’s gonzo rap star Danny Brown and most recently on Humanz from Gorillaz.

Having debuted in 2013 on Fade To Mind with the Cut 4 Me mixtape which saw a raft of the Fade & Night Slugs crews pushing forward a wealth of sublime instrumentals for Kelela to bring to life, catching the ear of everyone from Björk and Hudson Mohawke to Grimes and Arca. Quickly following this with a fire 12" Melba's Call with Bok Bok, her cutting-edge credentials were firmly set in stone. This set her up for her new partnership with Warp, debuting with the jaw dropping collision of soaring songcraft and experimental electronics of the Hallucinogen EP.

Kelela has enlisted a wealth of her contemporaries to craft out an album that shows both the classic appeal and futuristic possibilities of R&B music. Each track exudes a sense of excited exploration that makes Kelela's music stand head and shoulders above the glut of online static. The innovative sonics flow effortlessly around her voice, giving the strong impression that countless hours and many feelings have gone into the crafting of each piece, the whole set being absolutely sculpted to perfection for when it flows from speakers and into your mind.

We are head over heels for this one - for those unacquainted, prepare to enter into what is sure to become a life long romance.

Top 10 Albums of the Year 2017

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    2017 was a momentous year for music within our world, and with our top 10 albums we have compiled what we consider to be the most important releases from across the board.

    While the top spot is taken with the razor-sharp electronica of Jlin's Black Origami, Lee Gamble landed on Hyperdub pushing the boundaries of ambient jungle forward, while Brainwaltzera's update on the classic Braindance sound topped the acid-electronic revival by a mile. With new age receiving a massive resurgence in 2017, the most notable releases by far were from Visible Cloaks mystical reaching Reassemblage, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith's influence exploring transitions of youth within The Kid and Alessandro Cortini's AVANTI presenting emotionally charged trip into the misty realms of nostalgia. Each album shone a light on a different aspect of this freshly realised sound.

    2017 also heralded the much-anticipated arrival of contemporary R&B icon Kelela's debut album Take Me Apart, an incredibly powerful album of soaring songcraft and experimental electronics delivered with a soulful edge. While Forest Swords turned in his greatest album to date with Compassion, splitting between the ecstasy and melancholy of his earlier recordings, his Compassion offered a journey through the nightland edges of his sound world. A journey perfectly complimented by Blanck Mass' brilliant album of brainfreeze techno and angle grinder electronics that was World Eater. While a special dedication goes out to Photay whose Onism packed in the year's tightest selection of ear worms designed to move your mind.

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