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Deep Wave
Soft as Snow
Deep Wave
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April 2018
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Super great new one on Houndstooth! Norwegian duo Soft as Snow sound equal parts Fever Ray, Hype Williams and early minimal wave. Opening with the heavy ‘Black Egg’, the rest of the LP follows in fine style with tons of reverb and echo soaked vocals and killer, punchy drums to boot. The pair, now living in Berlin, manage to navigate their way into pop territory at times with their song writing skills. Really strong album here and their fourth outing on Fabric’s in house label Houndstooth! Thirteen tracks ranging from one minute skits to six minute lullabies.

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  1. 1 Black Egg 5:02 Soft as Snow Buy
  2. 2 Snake 3:54 Soft as Snow Buy
  3. 3 Drip 3:19 Soft as Snow Buy
  4. 4 Deep Wave 5:01 Soft as Snow Buy
  5. 5 X 0:50 Soft as Snow Buy
  6. 6 Tropical Speed 3:28 Soft as Snow Buy
  7. 7 Be My Babe 0:39 Soft as Snow Buy
  8. 8 Pink Rushes 3:31 Soft as Snow Buy
  9. 9 Dry 3:13 Soft as Snow Buy
  10. 10 XX 1:08 Soft as Snow Buy
  11. 11 Sleep/Slip 4:23 Soft as Snow Buy
  12. 12 Låssbyn 3:58 Soft as Snow Buy
  13. 13 Mass 5:59 Soft as Snow Buy

Soft as Snow


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