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Ransom Note Records
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February 2018
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Chloe Raunet’s second LP as C.A.R. has her deliver an album of retro-tinged thrills. PINNED sees Raunet building on the sturdy foundations of My Friend, with that record’s warm reception giving her the confidence to both write and produce the follow-up. The sonic palette remains largely the same. Gallic pop noir, Italo Disco and kitsch 80s synth-pop are the order of the day, all rounded off by Raunet’s impassioned-yet-embittered delivery. That said, little flourishes - the autotuned vocals of ‘Daughters’, ‘Random Words’s harsh electroclash beat - are evidence of a more confident artist. PINNED drops via Ransom Note Records (Bawrut, Marlon Hoffstadt).

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  1. 1 Growing Pains 4:50 C.A.R. Buy
  2. 2 Daughters 4:12 C.A.R. Buy
  3. 3 Heat 4:12 C.A.R. Buy
  4. 4 Flat Out at the Sockhop 3:44 C.A.R. Buy
  5. 5 Random Words 5:04 C.A.R. Buy
  6. 6 Cholera 3:32 C.A.R. Buy
  7. 7 Swaggart 3:41 C.A.R. Buy
  8. 8 Strange Ways 3:42 C.A.R. Buy
  9. 9 VHS 3:21 C.A.R. Buy
  10. 10 Prism 3:08 C.A.R. Buy
  11. 11 This City 4:08 C.A.R. Buy


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