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Death Is Not The End prove yet again that they’re a force to be reckoned with in the world of ethnographic reissues and folklore luminaries. Here they assemble a collection of Greek emigrant songs from New York City circa 1920/30. Deep and touching music that is basically divine in its simplicity. Finger picking guitar work that will have Basho fans breaking into a sweat accompanies beautiful vocals as both musicians translate common tale to song. Forget what you think you know about early blues, DINTE know more. One of our favourite recent arrivals!

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  1. 1 Vre Ti Mangas Pou'Mai Go (What a Mangas I Am) 4:33 George Katsaros Buy
  2. 2 Nei Gheri Psithirizoun (Young and Old Men Are Whispering) 4:07 George Katsaros Buy
  3. 3 Fonias Tha Ghino (I'll Become a Murderer) 4:21 George Katsaros Buy
  4. 4 To Kaimeno To Ghaidhouraki (The Poor Little Donkey) 4:32 George Katsaros Buy
  5. 5 Tora Ta Perno (Now I Take Them) 4:27 George Katsaros Buy
  6. 6 Ean Iha Ekato (If I Had One Hundred) 4:10 George Katsaros Buy
  7. 7 Erhome Ton Tiho Tiho (I Am Coming Wall By Wall) 4:33 George Katsaros Buy
  8. 8 I Skliri Kardhia Sou (Your Hard Heart) 4:33 George Katsaros Buy
  9. 9 Me Tis Tsepes Adhianes (With Empty Pockets) 4:39 George Katsaros Buy
  10. 10 Aya Mou Paraskevi (My Saint Paraskevi) 4:40 George Katsaros Buy
  11. 11 Exekinisa Ap'Tin Andhro (I Started from Andros) 4:09 George Katsaros Buy
  12. 12 O Yatros (The Doctor) 4:25 George Katsaros Buy

Death Is Not The End

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