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Music for Percussion
Ryoji Ikeda
Music for Percussion
The Vinyl Factory
Catalogue Number
Release Date
April 2018

Concept and composition by Ryoji Ikeda

Co-produced by Eklekto Geneva Percussion Center, Ryoji Ikeda Studio and La Bâtie Festival de Genève.

Percussionists (Eklekto): Alexandre Babel, Stéphane Garin, Lucas Genas and Dorian Fretto

  1. 1 Body Music [for duo] op.4 (2016) - I 1:30 Ryoji Ikeda
  2. 2 Body Music [for duo] op.4 (2016) - II 1:30 Ryoji Ikeda
  3. 3 Body Music [for duo] op.4 (2016) - III 1:30 Ryoji Ikeda
  4. 4 Metal Music op.5 (2016) - I. triangles [for duo] 1:30 Ryoji Ikeda
  5. 5 Metal Music op.5 (2016) - II crotales [for duo] 1:30 Ryoji Ikeda
  6. 6 Metal Music op.5 (2016) - III. cymbals [for quartet] 1:30 Ryoji Ikeda

Ryoji Ikeda

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The Vinyl Factory

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