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Mike Dunn
My House From All Angles
Moreaboutmusic / Blackball Muzik
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Release Date
November 17, 2017

Just the 27 years between Mike Dunn’s debut LP and this follow-up. In fairness, the Chicago house pioneer has been plenty busy in the interim, releasing a load of stuff under his own name and just as much via aliases like The Phunky People. Another thing that Dunn has got going for him is that his sound has aged very well indeed. Plenty of the cuts on My House From All Angles could have been plucked from the golden age of jacking house, such is the class of their production and the adherence to the principles of the genre. Tracks like ‘Let’s Go!’ and ‘Move It, Work It’ are the sort of calls-to-arms that have been filling dancefloors for decades now. ‘Body Muzik’ and ‘Modulation’ are frenzied acid tests, while ‘Have It 4 U Babe’ and ‘You R’ pack a soulful punch. Here’s hoping we won’t have to wait as long for the next album.

  1. 1 Acid Rush 1:28
  2. 2 Body Muzik 1:28
  3. 3 Coal Mine 1:38
  4. 4 DJ Beat That Shhh (feat MD X-Spress) 1:28
  5. 5 Have It 4U Babe (feat Jass Mann) 1:35
  6. 6 Let's Go! 1:33
  7. 7 Modulation 1:29
  8. 8 Move It, Work It 1:30
  9. 9 The Frontier (9 - 1-1) 1:30
  10. 10 The Wake-Up Call (feat Dee Jay Alicia) 1:58
  11. 11 You R' (feat JR Jordan) 1:32

Mike Dunn

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