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Sung Tongs
Animal Collective
Sung Tongs
My Animal Home
Release Date
September 2017
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Animal Collective’s 2004 critical breakthrough, Sung Tongs, is being re-released on the band’s own label, My Animal Home. Sung Tongs generated critical acclaim upon its release and was featured in year-end best-of lists of the decade. They continue their pursuit of a new psychedelia. Their wild path has taken them from cramped concrete basement shows and forest floor singalongs to immersive installations at the Guggenheim and performances to millions on national television

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  1. 1 Leaf House 2:42 Animal Collective
  2. 2 Who Could Win a Rabbit 2:18 Animal Collective
  3. 3 The Softest Voice 6:46 Animal Collective
  4. 4 Winters Love 4:55 Animal Collective
  5. 5 Kids On Holiday 5:47 Animal Collective
  6. 6 Sweet Road 1:15 Animal Collective
  7. 7 Visiting Friends 12:36 Animal Collective
  8. 8 College 0:53 Animal Collective
  9. 9 We Tigers 2:43 Animal Collective
  10. 10 Mouth Wooded Her 4:24 Animal Collective
  11. 11 Good Lovin Outside 4:26 Animal Collective
  12. 12 Whaddit I Done 4:05 Animal Collective
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