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The group that formed from the ashes of the seminal Penguin Cafe Orchestra return with their third full-length album. This record sees group leader Arthur Jeffes (son of PCO head honcho Simon Jeffes) evince a fine ear for composition, with the classic Penguin Cafe tropes deftly arranged in a manner that allows the nine tracks here to ebb and flow as a whole work. Sawing strings, thrumming double-bass and a cornucopia of sounds from the traditions of jazz, folk and British classical music are spun out to a variety of ends on The Imperfect Sea, from the propulsive motion of opener ‘Ricercar’ to the eerie music-box twinkle of ‘Half Certainty’.

  1. 1 Ricercar 4:34 Penguin Cafe Buy
  2. 2 Cantorum 7:22 Penguin Cafe Buy
  3. 3 Control 1 (Interlude) 6:56 Penguin Cafe Buy
  4. 4 Franz Schubert 5:46 Penguin Cafe Buy
  5. 5 Half Certainty 2:31 Penguin Cafe Buy
  6. 6 Protection 5:22 Penguin Cafe Buy
  7. 7 Rescue 6:29 Penguin Cafe Buy
  8. 8 Now Nothing (Rock Music) 4:38 Penguin Cafe Buy
  9. 9 Wheels Within Wheels 6:19 Penguin Cafe Buy

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