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A Doom With A View
A Doom With A View
Origin People
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February 2017
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Four years on from his head-turning Everyone Is A Door, Panoram comes back with a similarly cryptic piece. Out via Seattle label Origin People (Tommy Awards, Madteo), A Doom With A View is two half-hour slabs of micro-loops, found sound and wispy r&b. The manner in which Panoram plays lush melodies and meditative guitar licks off of more curious or troubling sounds brings to mind Yves Tumor’s excellent Serpent Music, while the constant tension and knowledge that a change of pace lurks around any corner is reminiscent of Dean Blunt. An intriguing record, one that seems to want you both to drift away and to stay alert, but many of the sections here are so gorgeous that you’ll fall for the thing whole-heartedly in the end.

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  1. 1 Side A - A Doom With A View 2:00 Panoram
  2. 2 Side B - A Doom With A View 2:00 Panoram


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