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Julia Holter
In The Same Room
Domino Documents
Catalogue Number
Release Date
March 31, 2017

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Marking the launch of Documents, Domino’s new series of live studio recordings, Julia Holter’s In The Same Room is both a must for anyone who has experienced any of her entrancing live performances over the last five years, and an excellent introduction to the adventurous and deeply affecting music of a pioneering artist for those who haven’t. The Documents series seeks to capture, in high fidelity, the label’s artists in their element, at their most natural, immediate, and direct; to this end each release is recorded within just a couple of days at a London studio.

Consistent with this ethos, In The Same Room was recorded at RAK studios in less than two days, when Julia and her band – Corey Fogel (drums/vocals), Dina Maccabee (viola/vocals), and Devin Hoff (double bass) – were fresh off the stage, having just returned from their performance at Green Man Festival in Wales. Named after a track on Holter’s 2012 album, Ekstasis, this collection comprises new arrangements of songs, imaginatively reworked, from three of her previous studio releases. One notable highlight is ‘So Lillies’, a track from Holter’s debut album, Tragedy (2011), pared-back to its skeletal essence: with a cappella delayed vocals and, later on, simple, sparse instrumentation, it bears a haunting, almost nursery-rhyme quality.

Digital Track List

  1. 1 Horns Surrounding Me (Live at RAK) 4:36 Buy

    Horns Surrounding Me (Live at RAK)

  2. 2 So Lillies (Live at RAK) 4:11 Buy

    So Lillies (Live at RAK)

  3. 3 Silhouette (Live at RAK) 4:57 Buy

    Silhouette (Live at RAK)

  4. 4 How Long? (Live at RAK) 4:02 Buy

    How Long? (Live at RAK)

  5. 5 Feel You (Live at RAK) 4:05 Buy

    Feel You (Live at RAK)

  6. 6 Lucette Stranded on the Island (Live at RAK) 7:06 Buy

    Lucette Stranded on the Island (Live at RAK)

  7. 7 In the Green Wild (Live at RAK) 4:04 Buy

    In the Green Wild (Live at RAK)

  8. 8 City Appearing (Live at RAK) 7:41 Buy

    City Appearing (Live at RAK)

  9. 9 Vasquez (Live at RAK) 8:40 Buy

    Vasquez (Live at RAK)

  10. 10 Betsy on the Roof (Live at RAK) 6:34 Buy

    Betsy on the Roof (Live at RAK)

  11. 11 Sea Calls Me Home (Live at RAK) 3:26 Buy

    Sea Calls Me Home (Live at RAK)

Julia Holter

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