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Attack The Monolith
Attack The Monolith
Invisible Spies
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May 2016
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Following a string of singles released spo​radically over the past ​20 years, MONGRELS ​(aka Kid Acne and Benjamin) ​finally commit ​a full-length player of their unique rap flows​ to wax​. Behind the decks​,​ Benjamin's productions are tighter than ever and with ease he pulls ​out the sharpest breaks around, picking up drums most others could only dream of sampling (​H​e is part of the Finders Keepers DJ squad after all) whilst Kid Acne's bars flow tighter than ever, his humorous remarks contain an underlying growl to the ​rhymes ​he spits. Peppered throughout ​are collaborations ​with ​New Kingdom alumni ​Sebas​tian Laws​​ (aka Sebash)​ + guest appearances from ​Lord Rao ​(Strange U) ​& Juice Aleem​ (New Flesh / Gamma).​ Attack The Monolith is one of the finest new school/old style hip-hop records you're ​likely to hear this year, MONGRELS have it locked down, teaching new dogs old tricks.

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  1. 1 Full Moon _ Half Moon 3:37 MONGRELS Buy
  2. 2 Zodiac Rockerz (Feat. Sebash) 3:21 MONGRELS Buy
  3. 3 Duppy Conqueror 3:05 MONGRELS Buy
  4. 4 Man From Atlantis (Feat. Juice Aleem And Sebash) 3:46 MONGRELS Buy
  5. 5 Aztec Futuristic (Feat. Sebash) 2:57 MONGRELS Buy
  6. 6 He Walks Barefoot (Feat. Sebash) 2:48 MONGRELS Buy
  7. 7 You Dig Raps_ Part 2 (Feat. Sebash And Lord Rao) 3:38 MONGRELS Buy
  8. 8 Combat Divers (Feat. Sebash) 2:56 MONGRELS Buy
  9. 9 Dragon Cadillacs (Feat. Sebash) 3:54 MONGRELS Buy
  10. 10 Underground Dwellers (Feat. Sebash And Lord Rao) 3:31 MONGRELS Buy
  11. 11 Skeleton Drums (Feat. Sebash) 3:20 MONGRELS Buy
  12. 12 Full Of Regrets (Feat. Sebash) 2:43 MONGRELS Buy


Invisible Spies

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