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Secretly Canadian
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May 2016
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US and Canada version.

Anohni releases her collaboration with Warp's own celebrated brethren (Oneohtrix Point Never and Hudson Mohawke) presenting us with 'Hopelessness'. After eight previous albums released under her birth name, Antony Hegarty (usually with The Johnsons in accompaniment), 'Hopelessness' is her magnus opus, a record that narrates an apocalyptic vision of our current future, confronting the truths of drone bombs, torture and extinction, while bringing the emotional force of protest music (musing on feminism, Chelsea Manning, climate change), creating a record which illustrates what Anohni calls "dancing from the seat of anger and despair." Hudson and OPN bring the electronic flavour; gone are the heartbreak-chamber-orchestras of previous records replaced by modular scorch, trapped out rhythm-machines, and sublime swooshes’ of arpeggiated electronica.

This is the record which she always promised. Romantic, lyrical, angry, beautiful. And with the OPN /Hudmo combo at the helm we are graced with two of the most exciting electronic producers on the planet right now, letting Anohni’s Nina Simone meets Boy George vocal twist lithely, like a singing bird dancing through polluted cloud, through their vivid electronic matrix.

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Digital Track List

  1. 1 Drone Bomb Me 4:10 ANOHNI Buy
  2. 2 4 Degrees 3:51 ANOHNI Buy
  3. 3 Watch Me 3:26 ANOHNI Buy
  4. 4 Execution 3:38 ANOHNI Buy
  5. 5 I Don't Love You Anymore 5:00 ANOHNI Buy
  6. 6 Obama 4:11 ANOHNI Buy
  7. 7 Violent Men 2:10 ANOHNI Buy
  8. 8 Why Did You Separate Me from the Earth? 3:36 ANOHNI Buy
  9. 9 Crisis 4:42 ANOHNI Buy
  10. 10 Hopelessness 3:54 ANOHNI Buy
  11. 11 Marrow 3:01 ANOHNI Buy


Secretly Canadian

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