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February 19, 2016


Twenty tracks of freaked post-Hype Williams haze-pop, fugged-out cloud-rap, mangled trip-hop, and nifty sampledelia from a new signing to Headcount records. Born in Manila, Eyedress spent some time in Southern California in his teens, plus a stint in London (when he was signed to XL Recordings) before heading back to Manila where this album really started to take shape. Shapeshifter features a dazzling vocal cameo count; Edgar the Breathtaker a.k.a. King Krule, Sporting Life from Ratking, Jiin and LA crew, Tyler Major ,Pyramid Vritra. A wild trip through styles, continents and flow. One. To. Watch.


  1. Return of the wicca mane (feat. Edgar the breathtaker)
  2. Add to the peace (feat. Bubble based boy)
  3. Lies tear us apart
  4. Future with you
  5. Secret agent on vacation (feat. Chris mccombs)
  6. Trust the process (feat. Rh xanders & jasmine)
  7. When the planets align
  8. Ghost whip (feat. Ankhten brown, pyramid vritra, & tyler major)
  9. 1990 (feat. Pyramid vritra)
  10. Danger there (feat. Ankhten brown)
  11. Witch bitch
  12. Sports (feat. Thisisda & sporting life)
  13. Don’t trust them (feat. Thisisda & oscar worldpeace)
  14. Patience is better than love
  15. The sexorcist (feat. Jiin & sweyn jupiter)
  16. Superficial paradigm (feat. Miche)
  17. Night sky
  18. Watch your front (feat. Jasmine)
  19. You make me feel (feat. Jasmine)
  20. Sweet apple smile
  1. 1 Return Of The Wicca Mane (feat Edgar The Breathtaker) 1:04
  2. 2 Add To The Peace (feat Bubble Base Boys) 2:00
  3. 3 Lies Tear Us Apart 0:30
  4. 4 Future With You 1:03
  5. 5 Secret agent on vacation (feat. Chris mccombs) 2:00
  6. 6 Trust the process (feat. Rh xanders & jasmine) 1:16
  7. 7 When the planets align 1:25
  8. 8 Ghost whip (feat. Ankhten brown, pyramid vritra, & tyler major) 2:00
  9. 9 1990 (feat. Pyramid vritra)
  10. 10 Danger there (feat. Ankhten brown)
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Experimental Pop and New Wave

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