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Universal Themes
Sun Kil Moon
Universal Themes
Rough Trade
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June 2015

Feather-ruffling, remarkably candid and always artistically truthful, Mark Kozelek returns under the Sun Kil Moon banner for the followup to 2014’s critics favourite, Benji. Much like its predecessor, Universal Themes runs on a currency of stream-of-consciousness lyricism where the everyday amenities of adult life sit alongside introspective reflection and deep personal recollection. Kozelek has roped in a slightly heavier level of production this time round, cuts like With A Grace… carry a certain weightiness that was less present on Benji’s stripped back musings. The focus - as always - is on Kozelek himself on this LP, standout moments come on cuts like The Possum and Little Rascals where is broken vocal comes to fore and his remarkable talent as a storyteller fully flourishes.

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  1. 1 The Possum 8:59 Sun Kil Moon Buy
  2. 2 Birds of Flims 9:04 Sun Kil Moon Buy
  3. 3 With a Sort of Grace I Walked to the Bathroom to Cry 9:46 Sun Kil Moon Buy
  4. 4 Cry Me a River Williamsburg Sleeve Tattoo Blues 7:28 Sun Kil Moon Buy
  5. 5 Little Rascals 7:47 Sun Kil Moon Buy
  6. 6 Garden of Lavender 10:12 Sun Kil Moon Buy
  7. 7 Ali/Spinks 2 6:45 Sun Kil Moon Buy
  8. 8 This Is My First Day And I'm Indian And I Work At A Gas Station 10:09 Sun Kil Moon Buy

Sun Kil Moon

Rough Trade

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