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The Hum
The Hum
Domino Recording Co
Catalogue Number
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November 2014

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Following their highly lauded and rapturous debut LP Pearl Mystic, Leeds-based psych-rock outfit Hookworms teams up with Weird World for their second full length The Hum. This time out the group is even more merciless, hinging fully focused, galvanized drumming to dizzying guitar chords, effects riddled vocals and a spattering of electronics. The piece constitutes six pieces of breakneck psyche excursions such as the frantic ‘The Impass’ and ‘Radio Tokyo’ which are cleverly broken up by droning instrumentals ‘IV’, ‘V’ and ‘VI’, allowing us to come up for a much needed breath of fresh air.

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  1. 1 The Impasse 2:42 Hookworms Buy
  2. 2 On Leaving 6:02 Hookworms Buy
  3. 3 iv 2:58 Hookworms Buy
  4. 4 Radio Tokyo 4:01 Hookworms Buy
  5. 5 Beginners 6:36 Hookworms Buy
  6. 6 v 0:39 Hookworms Buy
  7. 7 Off Screen 7:37 Hookworms Buy
  8. 8 vi 1:31 Hookworms Buy
  9. 9 Retreat 5:48 Hookworms Buy


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