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Silver Album
Philipp Gorbachev
Silver Album
Catalogue Number
Comeme CD 05
Release Date
June 2014
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Matias Aguayo’s Còmeme label releases the debut of Russian-born producer Philipp Gorbachev. Recorded in Aguayo’s studio in his adoptive home Berlin, all of the songs are live-performed arrangements of unusual house-based dance. With contributions from Daniel Maloso and Battles drummer John Starnier, the label’s entourage has been busy working on Silver Album with Aguayo himself co-producing the majority of the tracks. Opener ‘The Arrest’ reveals his influence with Gorbachev's vocals engagingly aloof. His spoken-word singing style continues across the length of the album over a range of unexpected rhythms and beats, with each song relaying a different Russian fable.

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  1. 1 Arrest Me 5:03 Philipp Gorbachev Buy
  2. 2 Push The Gaz Pedal 3:14 Philipp Gorbachev Buy
  3. 3 Distance 4:50 Philipp Gorbachev Buy
  4. 4 Europa feat. John Stanier 2:48 Philipp Gorbachev Buy
  5. 5 It Could Be Good 5:19 Philipp Gorbachev Buy
  6. 6 Come On Let's Warp 5:33 Philipp Gorbachev Buy
  7. 7 New Sound 3:50 Philipp Gorbachev Buy
  8. 8 Silver Symphony 2:28 Philipp Gorbachev Buy
  9. 9 What Do You Need 6:14 Philipp Gorbachev Buy

Philipp Gorbachev

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