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War Room Stories
War Room Stories
Cut Tooth / Believe Recordings
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February 2014
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The South London indie-dance rockers’ second album sees them move from Fat Cat Records to French label Believe, and from their cheeky early skits to a more luscious sound where electronics, synthpop and rock crescendos collide. Lead track ‘Envy’ establishes the formula with cool jazz drumming over keyboard squiggles, and debauched vocal harmonies set to a funky guitar break that’ll fill dance floors quicker than Franz Ferdinand. ‘Got Well Soon’ grafts a trance beat onto dark analogue synths, like Hot Chip going goth, and ‘302 Watchtowers’ takes things downtempo with Goldfrapp-like ethereal vocals and a slow swaggering drum line. A confident second album with literally something for everyone.

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Digital Track List

  1. 1 Envy 3:36 Breton Buy
  2. 2 S4 5:25 Breton Buy
  3. 3 Legs & Arms 3:06 Breton Buy
  4. 4 Got Well Soon 4:48 Breton Buy
  5. 5 Closed Category 4:20 Breton Buy
  6. 6 National Grid 3:52 Breton Buy
  7. 7 Search Party 3:43 Breton Buy
  8. 8 302 Watchtowers 3:25 Breton Buy
  9. 9 Brothers 4:24 Breton Buy
  10. 10 Fifteen Minutes 3:58 Breton Buy


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