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MPC Tracks Vol. II
MPC Tracks Vol. II
Nice Up Int'l
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February 2014
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Canada’s Konrad Jandav AKA No UFOs follows up his MPC Tracks compilation with Vol II, again on Nice Up International. Here, Jandav continues to push his own sound, grafting dense sound-collage styled pieces from abstracted, harrowing electronics. The immersive ‘Midas On The Flat Screen’ contains an encroaching sense of dread, shimmering through cricket-like sounds and garbled bleeps whereas ‘Maximum Utility (Many Ways To Read A Sign)’ gives an imaginative take on what sounds like bursting bubble wrap. Remixes come via Florist, Best Available Technology and Manchester’s AnD who step up to add their own abrasive industrial edge to ‘Midas On The Flat Screen’.

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  1. 1 Unreliable Narrator 3:16 NO UFO's Buy
  2. 2 Promotional Copy 3:04 NO UFO's Buy
  3. 3 Midas On The Flat Screen 3:42 NO UFO's Buy
  4. 4 Modern Composition (For .wav And Immaterial Subterfuge) 2:02 NO UFO's Buy
  5. 5 Specious Narrative 2:51 NO UFO's Buy
  6. 6 Impulse Response Algorithm 3:33 NO UFO's Buy
  7. 7 Aleatoric ROI 1:35 NO UFO's Buy
  8. 8 N.U. All-The-Way-Live At Kinda Cloudy February 2013 (Megamix) 2:50 NO UFO's Buy
  9. 9 Maximum Utility (Many Ways To Read A Sign) (Bonus Beats) 1:00 NO UFO's Buy
  10. 10 Specious Narrative (Agencement Flørist) 4:54 NO UFO's Buy
  11. 11 Palomino Copy Rot (Best Available Technology Mix) 7:12 NO UFO's Buy
  12. 12 Midas On The Flat Screen (AnD Midas Touch Deconstruction) 6:24 NO UFO's Buy


Nice Up Int'l

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