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John Cage - Radio Music
Faust and Band of Pain
John Cage - Radio Music
Dirter Promotions
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December 2010
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Dirtier usher in a thought-provoking performance piece on vinyl - John Cage’s 1956 ‘Radio Music’. The piece is played four times by German legends Faust (Jean Hervé and Zappi) alongside Steve Pittis’ Band of Pain Project. The music score follows a series of radio frequency signals, thereby producing a different end product when played each time, and these live recordings of Cage’s piece demonstrate just that.

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  1. 1 John Cage - Radio Music (Part B) 6:00 Steve Pittis Buy
  2. 2 John Cage - Radio Music (Part F) 6:00 Jean-Herve Peron Buy
  3. 3 John Cage - Radio Music (Part E) 6:00 Zappi Diermaier Buy
  4. 4 John Cage - Radio Music (Part H) 6:00 Steve Pittis Buy

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