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Garden Gate
Magic Lantern
Clay Pipe Music
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March 29, 2024

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Press Release

After her time with Brown Recluse, a bittersweet psych-pop sextet, and White Candles, a Radiophonic Workshop-inspired electronic duo, Meskers merged the qualities of both groups into a new project and the first Garden Gate single, Houses, appeared in 2016 on Good Behavior Records. Following this, came a clutch of acclaimed releases on labels such as Sunstone and Library of the Occult, notably The Dark Harvest LP (which received a 5-star review in Shindig) and the sought-after 2021 LP, Blood Mansion, an original score for a conceptual horror film.

Magic Lantern is a collection of melancholy yet hopeful neoclassical library pieces with analogue electronic elements that originally soundtracked Audible Originals’ Strange Company audiobook.

Here, Timmi explains how the project came about:

“The first glimmer of Magic Lantern flickered over the kitchen sink, if memory serves. I was cleaning up with a dear friend, author Roan Parrish, and we were discussing how we could collaborate creatively. Our first idea was that she would share prose to inspire my themes, and inversely, I would share a few original themes to inspire her writing. Before we knew it, what started as a handful of stories and songs, damp with soap suds, ended up becoming a fully scored audiobook anthology for Audible Originals called Strange Company.

As a long-time fan of soundtracks and library music, I was thrilled by the opportunity to see just how much emotion I could compress into the brief connecting links that would augment a furtive kiss, a painful psychic vision, or a breeze across the bones of a scorched landscape.

Midway through the recording process, my long-term relationship broke down, and Roan let me set up a field studio in her home. I found myself grasping at any beauty I could find in the hope that it would spill into the music. Several themes from an unrealised Garden Gate album about the life of Dion Fortune also found their way in (notably, the title track), and the score became a bit more personal than initially charted. In the doomed outsiders of Roan’s gorgeously creeping prose, it was hard not to see aspects of my own life, and I found catharsis and healing in the creation of the music that soundtracked her characters' lives.”

Digital Tracklist

  1. 1 Company (Main theme) 1:41 Buy

    Company (Main theme)

  2. 2 A Stroll Among the Tombs 0:28 Buy

    A Stroll Among the Tombs

  3. 3 A Kiss Like Soil Smells After the Rain 0:44 Buy

    A Kiss Like Soil Smells After the Rain

  4. 4 Touched (Main Theme) 2:17 Buy

    Touched (Main Theme)

  5. 5 Two Days Until Halloween 1:17 Buy

    Two Days Until Halloween

  6. 6 Psychometric Prophecy 0:13 Buy

    Psychometric Prophecy

  7. 7 Magic Lantern (Main Theme) 2:52 Buy

    Magic Lantern (Main Theme)

  8. 8 European Cigarettes 0:35 Buy

    European Cigarettes

  9. 9 Sea Legs (Main Theme) 2:41 Buy

    Sea Legs (Main Theme)

  10. 10 Flesh and Flies 0:55 Buy

    Flesh and Flies

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Garden Gate

Clay Pipe Music

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