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Philip Jeck & Chris Watson
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June 16, 2023


Press Release

Philip Jeck sadly passed away at the end of March 2022. But before he died, he was able to work on some audio files sent to him nby Chris Watson, who writes:

"In 2017 I was recording along the north bank of the Humber estuary and one morning driving back from Faxfleet I was stopped at the Oxmardyke rail crossing. The gates were down. After setting up a microphone array by the tracks for a passing freight train the signalman shouted an invitation to climb up into the gate box to make some more recordings.

Over the following weeks I made several return trips to Oxmardyke and gathered a broad palette of recordings. I discussed the sounds, stories and history of the site with Philip after a show and we were both excited by the potential of making a work together.

Philip was drawn to the ancient history of the area from 6th century Anglo Saxon times to the Knights Templar and how the sounds, rhythms and textures from those periods may still inhabit the contemporary landscape. My thoughts took inspiration from 'The Signalman' by Charles Dickens and the painting 'Rain, Steam and Speed' by Joseph Turner. We agreed to share ideas and exchange tracks. Oxmardyke gate box has now passed into history.

It was only when Mike Harding at Touch informed me of Philip's condition that we began a final exchange of pieces and I sincerely hope that my contributions may frame Philip's exceptional work."

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Philip Jeck & Chris Watson


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Ambient and Modern Classical

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