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Henry Greenleaf
Redstone Press
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April 22, 2022


Press Release

Making up for lost time we are back with another Redstone Press debut in the form of Henry Greenleaf.

After Liam Robertson’s Village of Killin release we were on a collision course with Henry, both parties reached out to one another simultaneously in hopes of working together and here we are! Henry spent a lot of time in the Lake District prior to and during the beginning of the pandemic and this release is the fruit beared from that period! Full of tense space and creative freedom, Kirkstone EP is Henry’s finest work to date (in our biased and arrogant opinion) and highlights his ever-upwards trajectory.

The EP’s namesake boots down the door with his instantly recognisable drum work and intricate synth lines, simply put Kirkstone is a club killer! The A2 “Headache District” is a more spacious affair, awash with ambient sweeps that, when paired with his intricate booming kicks, creates a subtle groove that belies the driving force behind the track.

On the flip “Put By” swaps sweeping synths for metallic abrasion and a building tension that dissolves into unsteady piercing stabs and crumbling basslines. Henry expertly stiches together elements that on paper shouldn’t work, into a masterfully deep and ominous 5 minutes. Closing out the EP is “Group Translate”, a symphony of cascading sounds that ramp up the pace and force you into taking notice! This hammer of a track sounds like something you’d hear as you pass through a blackhole in space, on eccies.

  1. 1 Kirkstone Pass 1:34
  2. 2 Headache District 1:34
  3. 3 Put By 1:34
  4. 4 Group Translate 1:34

Henry Greenleaf

Redstone Press


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Experimental House and Techno

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