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Lucy Dacus
Home Video
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Release Date
June 25, 2021

Press Release

This new gift from Dacus, her third album, was built on an interrogation of her coming-of-age years in Richmond, VA. Many songs start the way a memoir might - “In the summer of ’07 I was sure I’d go to heaven, but I was hedging my bets at VBS” - and all of them have the compassion, humour and honesty of the best autobiographical writing. Most importantly and mysteriously, this album displays Dacus’s ability to use the personal as portal into the universal.

“I can’t hide behind generalizations or fiction anymore,” Dacus says, though talking about these songs, she admits, makes her ache. That ‘Home Video’ arrives at the end of this locked down, fearful era seems as preordained as the messages within. “I don’t necessarily think that I’m supposed to understand the songs just because I made them,” Dacus says, “I feel like there’s this person who has been in me my whole life and I’m doing my best to represent them.” After more than a year of being homebound, in a time when screens and video calls were sometimes our only form of contact, looking backward was a natural habit for many.

If we haven’t learned it already, this album is a gorgeous example of the transformative power of vulnerability. Dacus’s voice, both audible and on the page, has a healer’s power to soothe and ground and reckon.

Digital Track List

  1. 1 Hot & Heavy 4:10 Buy
  2. 2 Christine 2:33 Buy
  3. 3 First Time 4:14 Buy
  4. 4 VBS 3:56 Buy
  5. 5 Cartwheel 3:24 Buy
  6. 6 Thumbs 4:25 Buy
  7. 7 Going Going Gone 3:13 Buy

    Going Going Gone

  8. 8 Partner in Crime 4:38 Buy

    Partner in Crime

  9. 9 Brando 3:00 Buy
  10. 10 Please Stay 4:19 Buy
  11. 11 Triple Dog Dare 7:44 Buy

    Triple Dog Dare

Track List

Hot & Heavy
First Time
Going Going Gone
Partner In Crime
Please Stay
Triple Dog Dare

Lucy Dacus


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