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Mike Slott
Vignettes + Exclusive White T-Shirt Bundle
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December 19, 2020
  • Bundle:

    • White Vignettes T-Shirt T-shirt, XL

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    • Vignettes Vinyl, EP Limited Edition

    • + WAV / FLAC

    Available: December 19, 2020

Mike Slott - Vignettes

Label co-founder at LuckyMe and electronic producer Mike Slott makes an attempt to soundtrack his inner world with Vignettes, as inspired by his first forays into film score work with Russian filmmaker Andrei Zvyagintsev’s The Return. It’s easy to imagine the glossy synth textures and gently minimal phrases of ‘Keep Me Here’ and ‘Letting Go’ as sonic storytelling for a life observed, where every slight event or happenstance reverberates with deep-held meaning. What’s more, Vignettes finds Slott tapping into a more personal vein within his storied, decade-plus long discography, betraying an inner Brian Eno few have seen before.

White Vignettes T-Shirt

Limited Black T-shirt with LuckyMe Logo on Front and Vignettes beautiful artwork by Adam Saewitz on the back.

  1. 1 Simple Dreams of Simple Days 2:47
  2. 2 Milky Oceans 1:28
  3. 3 Letting Go 2:59
  4. 4 Keep Me Here 3:02
  5. 5 Testing Ground 3:12
  6. 6 Tabriz 2:48
  7. 7 Falling Through 2:51

Mike Slott

Mike Slott


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