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My Enemy, My Love
House Of Strength Records
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April 3, 2020

Recorded in her Berlin studio, Mentrix’s My Enemy My Love stands as a testament to the Iranian artist’s affinity for combining the ancient with the contemporary. Striking lines of hand-played, Iranian percussion echo throughout the long-player, recalling Mentrix’s (real name Samar Rad) initial offerings, Walk (2020) and Nature (2020). Leading up to the album, Rad headed to Khorram Abad in the Lorestan region of Iran, seeking inspiration atop its sun-soaked, crumbling steppes.

While exceptionally modern in production aesthetic and DIY approach, Iranian cultural references are aplenty on the artist’s debut LP. Instruments native to the area, such as the Tombak, Ney and Daf are omnipresent, showcasing many sacred rudiments and patterns - more often than not, played by Rad herself. Mentrix’s semi-stream-of-consciousness lyrics often follow the flowing lines of percussion, strings and woodwinds, placing My Enemy My Love within its very own, distinct, sonic landscape. Processed digitally, with software and through bespoke boxes, Rad’s vocals effortlessly bend with the shifting rhythms - while somehow always remaining front and centre.

Touching on existential themes, exploring the concepts of love and chaos, Mentrix’s lyrics are an integral part of what makes My Enemy My Love - a future-leaning ode to origin - such a solid breakthrough.

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