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Long Time Burning
Long Time Burning
The Fear
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September 2009
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Coming on strong, one of the pioneers of Jungle in Ireland and one of the founders of the excellent Bassbin label, Naphta's new album is high quality Neo Junglism.

Purposefully rooted in the source music that inspired the original sample heavy sound of jungle back in 1993-4, 'Long Time Burning' is an update of that sound with new tech, ideas inspiration and attitude, built from the ground up.

Rather than offering a kind of revision of the sound like a large number of producers, where new Jungle producers often view the technique as narrowly as simply using a ragga accapella over some Amen breaks, the tracks here draw on reggae, dancehall, funk soul and hip hop and don't forget to combine the light and the dark with colourful, rhythmically urgent music. This seems like a genuine attempt to reinstate some of those Junglist vibes, rhythms and attitude at the core of drum and bass culture.


Dub, Reggae and Dancehall

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