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Nunroyd Works
Craven Faults
Nunroyd Works
Lowfold Works
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May 2019
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The mysterious Craven Faults completes their trio of hauntological techno EPs. As it was on both Netherfield Works and Springhead Works, Nunroyd Works is a tense and terse soundtrack to post-industrial Yorkshire. Ominous synth tones spiral out across grey, moody soundscapes, and a sooty fog of reverb hangs over each of the tracks. Everyone from Burial to Public Service Broadcasting to The Orb to Jeff Mills is recalled by Craven Faults across Nunroyd Works, but the vibe is pure Dark Satanic Mills - think Kes.

Support from Kieran Hebden, Demdike Stare, Dan Snaith, Graham Massey, James Holden, Don’t DJ, Pye Corner Audio, Gold Panda, Bill Kouligas, Luke Abbott, Not Waving, Steve Davis, Thomas Ragsdale, Resident Advisor, NTS and Beats In Space.

  1. 1 Engine Fields Craven Faults 2:00
  2. 2 Dye & Size Craven Faults 2:00
  3. 3 Foddergang Craven Faults 2:00

Craven Faults

Experimental House and Techno

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