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My Disco
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March 2019
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Four years on from their previous LP and My Disco re-emerge on Downwards (British Murder Boys, Samuel Kerridge) with a new full-length. The Melbourne trio have created a thrillingly unsettling record here. Environment was tracked in a studio previously used by Einstürzende Neubauten, and there is certainly an influence from the German band in the way Environment uses disquieting atmospherics and abrasive textures. Many aspects of Dominick Fernow’s output are also recalled - Prurient in the grinding drones of a cut like ‘Act’, Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement in Environment’s misty dub textures, and the album in general has something of a Hospital Records feel to it. Anyone who’s been digging the recent Zaliva D LP should check this out.

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  1. 1 An Intimate Conflict 4:23 My Disco Buy
  2. 2 Exercise In Sacrifice 2:24 My Disco Buy
  3. 3 Act 3:15 My Disco Buy
  4. 4 Equatorial Rainforests of Sumatra 2:22 My Disco Buy
  5. 5 Rival Colour 4:51 My Disco Buy
  6. 6 Hong Kong 1987 4:02 My Disco Buy
  7. 7 No Permanence 4:15 My Disco Buy
  8. 8 Forever 8:47 My Disco Buy


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