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Death Is Not The End drop the second installment in their excellent If I Had A Pair Of Wings series. Anyone who had a listen to 2018’s first volume will know that the If I Had A Pair Of Wings drops focus on the very earliest Jamaican pop music. While the origins of reggae and ska lie in this set of late-50’s/early-60’s tunes, most of these numbers see the artists putting a new spin on popular American styles of the time. That means If I Had A Pair Of Wings: Jamaican Doo Wop, Volume 2 features grainy reproductions of rhythm ‘n’ blues, rock ‘n’ roll, early soul and (of course) doo wop.

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Digital Track List

  1. 1 Now I Know the Reason 3:00 Lloyd Clark Smithie's Sextet Buy
  2. 2 Now You Want to Cry 2:37 The Charmers & Prince Buster Buy
  3. 3 A Thousand Teardrops 2:42 The Rhythm Aces & The Caribs Buy
  4. 4 Have Faith in Me 2:39 Jiving Juniors Buy
  5. 5 I Love My Teacher 2:43 Chuck & Dobby Buy
  6. 6 Call Your Name Forever 3:06 The Blues Busters Buy
  7. 7 I Love You Forever 3:20 The Echoes Celestials Buy
  8. 8 Hear My Cry 2:46 Wilfred Jackie Edwards Buy
  9. 9 Valerie 2:55 Jiving Juniors Buy
  10. 10 Why Did You Leave Me 3:19 The Magic Notes Buy
  11. 11 Guilty Convict 2:27 Rupert Edwards Buy
  12. 12 Worried over You 3:10 Keith & Enid Buy
  13. 13 Julie 2:18 The Moonlighters Buy
  14. 14 How Can I Be Sure 2:32 Higgs & Wilson Buy

Death Is Not The End

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Dub, Reggae and Dancehall

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