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Prince Far I
Under Heavy Manners
17 North Parade
Catalogue Number
Release Date
August 11, 2023


Press Release

Produced by Joe Gibbs, engineered by Errol Thompson and backed by Joe Gibbs’ house band, The Professionals. A sense of urgency commands the entirety of the album, a vibe befitting of its namesake, as ‘Under Heavy Manners’ refers to the state of emergency declared in Jamaica in 1976 by the island’s Prime Minister, Michael Manley. During the latter half of the seventies very few came close to emulating the success of the productions of Joe Gibbs and Errol Thompson. 'The Mighty Two' took the greatest of Kingston's musical and technical innovations and transformed the cutting edge into a commercial proposition that crossed over to the rest of the world. 'Under Heavy Manners'' was an essential purchase as well as a defining statement on the sombre mood of the times in the year that two sevens clash and forty years after its original release, the raw reality of 'Under Heavy Manners' continues to hit home.

  • LP contains 10 tracks
  • CD contains 24 tracks

Track List

CD Tracks:

  1. Heavy Manners- Prince Far I
  2. Rain A Fall- Prince Far I
  3. Big Fight- Prince Far I
  4. You I Love And Not Another- Prince Far I
  5. Young Generation- Prince Far I
  6. Shine Eye Gal- Prince Far I
  7. Boz Rock- Prince Far I
  8. Show Me Mine Enemy- Prince Far I
  9. Shadow- Prince far I
  10. Deck Of Cards- Prince Far I
  11. Heavy Manners (album mix)- Prince Far I
  12. Tribute To Michael Holding- Prince Far I
  13. Same Knife- Prince Far I
  14. Equal Rights and Justice- Prince Far I
  15. Best Dress- Prince Far I
  16. Emmaanuel Road- Prince Far I
  17. Johnny Reggae- Prince Far I
  18. Deck Of Cards (Four Aces Mix)- Prince Far I
  19. Heavy Discipline- The Mighty Two
  20. Deck Of Cards Version- The Mighty Two
  21. Different Dagger- The Mighty Two
  22. Tasty Geezer Version- The Mighty Two
  23. Rock Stone Version- The Mighty Two
  24. Heavy Bowling- The Mighty Two

LP Tracks:

  1. Rain A Fall - Prince Far I
  2. Big Fight - Prince Far I
  3. You I Love And Not Another - Prince Far I
  4. Young Generation - Prince Far I
  5. Shine Eye Gal - Prince Far I
  6. Boz Rock - Prince Far I
  7. Show Me Mine Enemy - Prince Far I
  8. Shadow - Prince far I
  9. Deck Of Cards - Prince Far I
  10. Heavy Manners (album mix) - Prince Far I

Prince Far I

Dub, Reggae and Dancehall

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