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FatCat Records
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July 2018
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Polish cellist and composer Karolina Rec shows up on FatCat Records (The Twilight Sad, Tal National) with a new set from her Resina project. Across Traces, Rec uses her powerful cello playing as an anchor around which to bring other sounds and styles into play. These nine tracks include turbulent, propulsive pieces of chamber music (‘Resin’, ‘Procession’), eerie choral takes (‘Surface’), cinematic combinations of organic and electronic instruments (‘In In’) and more. There are times when Rec blurs her influences to innovative effect - does the ethereal beauty of ‘Glimmer’ draw more from Ralph Vaughan-Williams or from contemporary Icelandic composition? Either way it sounds wonderful.

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  1. 1 In 5:31 Resina Buy
  2. 2 Procession 4:35 Resina Buy
  3. 3 Resin 4:22 Resina Buy
  4. 4 Surface 4:22 Resina Buy
  5. 5 Glimmer 3:44 Resina Buy
  6. 6 In In 6:47 Resina Buy
  7. 7 Trigger 4:46 Resina Buy
  8. 8 Leftover 8:11 Resina Buy
  9. 9 Lethe 4:24 Resina Buy


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