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Mike Harding and Charles Matthews, the minds behind the Spire project, are determined to bring the pipe organ into the 21st Century. For an instrument with such a distinguished place in European musical history, it is strange how it has fallen from favour somewhat in the modern era. Records like Semper Liber are attempting to redress the balance, paying homage to the organ’s rich past while also updating it for 2018. This record is a series of organ duets, each by different artists but intended to be heard as one piece, which explore the huge range of tones that the mighty instrument is capable of. Largely dealing in drones, we get everything from reed-thin highs to throbbing subs that would give many club producers the chills.

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  1. 1 Aeternus 26:05 The Eternal Chord
  2. 2 Perpetuum 12:50 The Eternal Chord Buy
  3. 3 Immortalis 17:18 The Eternal Chord
  4. 4 Semper Liber 22:38 The Eternal Chord


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