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Dead Moon
The Dead Moon Book
Mississippi Records
Release Date
June 2019
  • Book

    • 12.5” x 12.5” cloth and leather bound hardcover
    • 300 page full color art book weighing around 3 kilograms
    • Covers have die cuts embedded and hold 2 LP's of the best of Dead Moon

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Active for some 19 years before the recent passing of Fred Cole (RIP) Dead Moon were one of the finest examples of DIY Rock and Roll.They lived by a DIY code built around superstitions and avoidance of conventional music industry pitfalls. Their story is completely unique amongst the pantheon on rock bands - a group who never sold out, never gave in and built a legacy of art and community piece by piece in a sustainable way almost unheard of.  This ultra deluxe collection of lyrics, photos, flyers, weird ephemeral stuff and stories from their history also includes 2 LP’s of their best material. Faux Leather and cloth bound and shrink wrapped.

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