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Jayda G

Jayda G

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Born and raised in the small town of Grand Forks, British Columbia - some 6 hours outside Vancouver - Jayda Guy grew up surrounded by an abundance of nature amongst the mountains, forests, rivers and lakes. It was this that sparked an early interest in biology and the natural world, something which continues to this day and is inextricably intertwined with the other pillar in her life, music. Beginning with lessons in piano and violin from the age of 5, Jayda’s tastes began to form around the impressive collection of records her dad - an avid collector - had built up of Soul, R&B, Funk and Blues. From her mum came a love of Jazz, from her sister an important appreciation for Disco, and from her brother, who was working in the Canadian music industry at the time, CD promo’s through the post that exposed her to artists such as D’Angelo and TLC.

Pursuing an education in Biology - which has seen her studying Sea Turtles in Maui and “playing fetch” with baby Porpoise in a Vancouver aquarium - kept her largely cut-off from the communities and scenes where she could explore her musical tastes further. “I grew up in a really small town, my biology work always had me moving around a lot and working in pretty isolated places musically and culturally” explains Jayda. This began to change following a brief stint in LA - where she was introduced to electronic music for the first time via Mathieu Schreyer’s show on KCRW - and relocating to Vancouver full time in 2013 to begin her masters in Resource and Environmental Management specializing in environmental toxicology. This move, and the timing would prove a key catalyst to Jayda’s journey as a producer and DJ, as it was here that she discovered Vancouver’s newly flourishing electronic music scene. Dubbed the ‘Canadian Riviera’, it was home for the kind of happy, hazy, melodic electronica encapsulated by DIY labels like Mood Hut and 1080p. It was there that she made lifelong connections with DJ Fett Burger (Sex Tags Mania) - who quickly became a close friend and mentor, encouraging her to start producing - Laura Sparrow (aka LNS), and LayLay, all of whom she would go on to collaborate with in some form. “This was the first time that I had a group of people who were into the same shit that I was into” she recalls, "we could all hang and share music and ideas and thoughts and facts - I’d never really had that, so this was a really big deal for me”.

After releasing some early collaborations with Fett Burger in 2015, in 2016 Jayda’s first solo release, “Jaydaisms”, arrived on Freakout Cult, the label she created and ran alongside Fett Burger until 2018. This would be a home for much of her subsequent output, alongside releases on 1080p and Swedish label Geography Records, including 2018’s standout ‘Diva Bitch’ single, featuring long-time vocal collaborator and childhood friend Alexa Dash. Her most recent release, ‘Sacred Spaces’, appeared as the inaugural release on JMG recordings, a new label established in 2018 by Jayda as a platform to release her own material and collaborations, as well as music from artists that inspire her. Her debut album “Significant Changes” will be released on Ninja Tune in 2019.

In 2016 Jayda relocated to Berlin, the decision came from a practical need to be closer to her ever growing number of European bookings rather than a longing for the city’s fabled clubbing culture. “I live under a rock” she laughs, “I don’t really party here, I’ve only been to Berghain twice outside of playing there”. Shutting herself away to work simultaneously on finishing her thesis - a study on the effects of human activity on the Salish Sea killer whales (orcas) of Vancouver - and on completing her debut album has allowed her to focus in on her own sound. It has also, unsurprisingly, meant that references to her studies are intertwined throughout the record, from the track titles to the field recordings. This should come as no surprise to fans of Jayda, the first track on “Jaydaisms” is titled ‘The Sound of Fuca’, referring to the Juan de Fuca Strait which runs between Vancouver Island and Vancouver, and is home to the killer whales she studies. She opened an early boiler room appearance by playing recordings of killer whale sounds. With “Significant Changes” however, the references are more overt. On ‘Missy Know’s What’s Up’, she samples the voice of Misty MacDuffee, a biologist with the Raincoast Conservation Foundation, talking about a landmark Canadian court case for the protection of the whales, in which environmental groups successfully sued the government for their lack of action. It was this case which ultimately led to the funding of Jayda’s own research and degree. She also draws on her experiences as a DJ, channeling her frustrations through tongue in cheek track titles like ‘No Parking on the DF’ (Dance Floor), Jayda admonishing the listener for spending too much time on the dancefloor checking their phone. Elsewhere on the album ‘Renewal (Hyla Mix)’ is Jayda’s “ode to R&B”, and the anthemic ‘Leave Room 2 Breath’ features the vocals of life-long friend and frequent collaborator Alexa Dash.

Renowned for her high-energy performances as a DJ, where you’ll hear selections from her formidable collection of Soul, Disco and House - as typified in her 2017 Dekmantel Boiler Room session - Jayda will be playing a 4-week residency at London’s Phonox thought February, as well as embarking on a tour throughout 2019 that takes in dates across 12 countries, including stops at Panorama Bar in Berlin, Primavera Sound in Barcelona and shows across India, China, and Japan.

Additionally she will be hosting a series of intimate talks in London aimed at offering young scientists a platform to discuss their recent academic work as well as their personal journeys. Jayda’s aim is to ultimately try to bridge the communication gap between critical work in contemporary science and the wider public to promote a better understanding of science.

Photo Credit: Farah Nosh


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