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Welcome to our Label Spotlight feature on the legendary Tresor Records. Here we have a selection of our highlights from the catalogue, limited and exclusive merchandise, exclusive DJ mixes, free stickers with all Tresor physical formats as well as select discounts on physical and 25% off all digital catalogue for the month of June.

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Bleep Exclusive Merchandise

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    Bleep x Tresor Records
    Tresor Records Logo T-Shirt - Bleep Green
    Tresor Records
    Release Date
    June 16, 2023

    Bleep exclusive

    Bleep green Tresor Records logo printed on Gildan Heavy T-Shirts.

Bleep Exclusive Shifted Phases Repress

“I see the club as more than just a place for a party. I want the music to stimulate discussion and new ideas.” Such a convergence of community and forward thinking music lies at the heart of Tresor Records, the iconic and pioneering Berlin label and club founded by Dimitri Hegemann. Born in 1991 mere months after the demolishing of the Berlin Wall, and months before the reunification of Germany, Tresor has always operated with a revolutionary spirit. The label’s uniting sound of techno has brought together East and West, Detroit and Berlin, and stands as one of the global capitals of electronic music.

“Tresor” means “safe” or “vault” in German, in other languages “treasure”. Dimitri Hegemann, Achim Kohlberger, and Johnnie Stieler were the original treasure hunters over 30 years ago, digging through the sand-buried buildings of East Berlin in search of a venue that could hold space for their future-facing club ideas. They renovated a bank vault lying in the abandoned Wertheim department store in Potsdamer Platz, giving Tresor its name and historic space.

Naturally, Tresor's history goes much further back than its fledgling moments, with Dimitri Hegemann being instrumental not only as the label’s founder, but as a central figure in Berlin music scenes. From founding the Berlin Atonal festival in 1982 with the likes of Psychic TV, Einstürzende Neubauten and 808 State in the lineup, to initiatives revitalising the nightlife and empty buildings of Detroit, Hegemann is something of a ferryman connecting artists and communities across the Atlantic and beyond.

The Fisch collective that preceded Tresor was founded by Hegemann and Kohlberger out of a desire for community. “I was tired of standing in line at the live venues,” Hegemann said, “paying 10 Deutschmarks and going home again alone.” They formed a sprawling network across Berlin: the Fischbüro DIY lecture hall, the Fischlabor pub, the UFO acid house club accessed via trapdoor, and the zine turned label Interfisch Records. Interfisch formed in 1988, signing Sheffield’s Clock DVA with the album Buried Dreams, a move that would lead to hundreds of records from artists pioneering music scenes all over the world.

Powered by an insatiable hunger for sonifying the future across a discography spanning three decades, Tresor’s ethos and legacy are reflected in their latest compilation titled yet, celebrating 350 releases on the label. Dance music’s nature of being in constant flux is reflected in the compilation’s amorphous and abundant artwork, and its artists who “resist easy definition” while defining today’s electronic landscape. The coursing furore from NVST, plummeting concrete beats from Ryan James Ford, and hyperventilating visceral daze from Jean Redondo draw a line through history, recalling the experimentalism of techno acts in the late 80s and early 90s and the hard edged sounds that passed through the steel doors leading to Tresor’s dancefloor.

This all comes hot off the momentum of the label’s 30th anniversary celebrations, going well into 2022 with their 30 Years series of releases featuring the esoteric ambience of Torus’s 333 Mirrors and the seismic energy of Jensen Interceptor and DeFeKT’s Free Your Body. The landmark Tresor 30 compilation is the centrepiece; with tracks from Tygapaw, LSDXOXO, and Russell E.L. Butler, as well as Underground Resistance, Drexciya, and Basic Channel, it’s a living history of world techno linking the scene’s current champions with the originators of the sound.

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