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Books and Magazines

A wide selection of books, magazines and journals handpicked for your reading pleasure. Whether it is a personal memoir, a deep dive in to musical history, or a score from the one and only Björk, there is something here for everyone who loves music and beyond.

Posters and Prints

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Liverpool art studio Dorothy first caught our attention with the Electronic Love Blueprint, mapping out the inner workings and circuits that connect together some of the most forward thinking artists that have ever picked up a synthesiser. Other designs have focused in on post-punk and post-rock while in recent years they have expanded the blueprint series with the Alternative Love. A history of alternative music from, C86 through post-punk Manchester and into the Rough Trade indie axis. While most recently the Hip-Hop Love joined the dots between the bars, a perfect gift for beat junkies everywhere.

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Program Your 808

With the Program Your 808 series, graphic Designer and Roland TR-808 drum machine connoisseur Rob Ricketts has designed a how to guide for recreating 808 beats for tracks by everyone from Drexciya, A Guy Called Gerald, Adonis to LL Cool J, Marvin Gaye and Cybotron.

With the Program series, Rob Ricketts has paid tribute to some of the most iconic tracks to feature the drum machine as its driving force.

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New Analog

Manchester based design studio New Analog have been archiving some of the very best gigs at venues from Band On The Wall to London's KOKO for many years now. Having sculpted one of a kind prints for everyone from dub legend Lee Scratch Perry through acid house and jungle don A Guy Called Gerald and Stones Throw kingpin Madlib. Tapping into the city of which they are based, where there is a rich tapestry of designers, artists and most importantly street art, New Analog's one of a kind approach to the art of the gig poster is as captivating as it is psychedelic.

Headphones and Earplugs

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Minirig Speaker

Perfectly designed for listening to your favourite music whilst on the move, the Minirig speaker is widely regarded as the go-to portable speaker. It's lightweight design crossed with durability means it’s the perfect way to enjoy your tunes everywhere from parks to festivals.

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Flare Audio Ear Plugs

Sheffield's audio engineers Flare Audio are the leading tone of ear protection. Built by a crew of music heads and head audio technicians that have spent years immersed in the world of sound systems and audio equipment. The Isolate earplugs have been crafted to act as the perfect way to protect your ears while still allowing you to hear the detail in the music.

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Audio design company AIAIAI have long been at the forefront of high quality audio portable technology.

With each new model of headphone they evolve the craft of the previous model, expanding the durability and sound quality to ensure that the user can experience the ultimate listening experience. For anyone unsure, one listen to the TMA-2 will ensure you see and hear why AIAIAI have a reputation as a true leader in acoustic and electro-acoustic design and engineering.


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