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Format Roundup: Cassettes

  1. Format Roundup: Cassettes

    Format Roundup: Cassettes

A much loved and recently resurgent format, the cassette has often provided a platform for some of the most unique and ambitious music to make its entrance into the world. There have been some exceptional releases coming through our doors via this channel of late, so we decided to give you a round up of some of the best we have in stock.

We've got a number of Bleep exclusives from the likes of Chris Carter, Greg Beato, Laraaji, Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, Kamaal Williams and Yamaneko.

There are brand new releases from Laura Lies In, I Jahbar on Bokeh Versions and newcomer B. Rupp, as well as recent favourites from Death Is Not The End, TTB & Laksa on No Symbols, Laila Sakini and Fennesz.

We also have all the recently released limited edition Björk cassettes to choose from, alongside a mix from Slugabed to coincide with the new release from Klahrk and Roxas on his Activia Benz label.

Bleep Exclusives

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