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Welcome to the Bleep Weekly Roundup, our guide to the best new releases. Our album of the week is by Leo Svirsky in honour of his first piano teacher Irena Orlov, a beautiful, serene collection of piano compositions. Our EP of the week is by Yu Su on Ninja Tune sub-label Technicolour.

Elsewhere this week we have 3 instalments in honour of the mastermind James Stinson on Fundamental, an electro 10” on Craigie Knowes offshoot C Know Evil by french producer Maelstrom, a killer compilation for acid fiends on 030303, the latest on Steven Rutter’s FireScope Records and Theo Parrish on Sound Signature.

Be sure to check out upcoming releases by Dallas Acid, Kim Gordon, Battles and S.O.N.S presents SYO.

Our latest Bleep Mix is a stunning selection of influences on our album of the week collated by Leo Svirsky.

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Album of the Week

Leo Svirsky – River Without Banks

River Without Banks, the first LP in three years from American composer Leo Svirsky, was composed in honour of his first piano teacher Irena Orlov. Unsurprisingly given the subject matter this record finds Svirsky eschewing the intense accordion drones of his previous full-length Heights In Depths for a return to the piano. However, despite being written at the keyboard, River Without Banks is a world away from the angular avant-gardism of a record like 2012’s Songs In The Key Of Survival. Rather, these half-dozen tracks are about as tender and meditative as contemporary classical composition gets.

River Without Banks
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Single / EP of the Week

Yu Su – Watermelon Woman

Yu Su expands her portfolio of mid-set slammers with ‘Watermelon Woman’. Her first single to be released through Ninja Tune sub-label Technicolour, this tune is another vibrant club take from the rising Chinese producer. Anyone who’s checked in with Yu Su’s previous releases on labels like Second Circle and People’s Potential Unlimited will know that she has previously dealt in a melodious brand of deep house, one that frequently intersects with Balearic beat. ‘Watermelon Woman’ represents a slight departure from that sound, though some of the peppier elements remain.

Watermelon Woman

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Format Roundup: Cassettes

A much loved and recently resurgent format, the cassette has often provided a platform for some of the most unique and ambitious music to make its entrance into the world. There have been some exceptional releases coming through our doors via this channel of late, so we decided to give you a round up of some of the best we have in stock.

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