weekly sampler 14.05.13

Weekly sampler: 14.05.13

Palatial bass, no nonsense techno, barmy psychedelia and brutalist funk.

Changes (Harmonimix)

James Blake is at his best for this remix on Deep Medi. His talent for turning space, stillness and atmosphere into something both haunting and beautiful is at it's peak. Bittersweet vocals and slippery ticks of percussion that sound like a lullaby gone wrong build into a chamber of distortion and palatial bass weight. Perfect.


Redshape turns in a growling piece of gritty no nonsense techno for our latest Green Series release. Marches, thuds and beats menacingly in a really good way.


London trio Factory Floor team up with New York legend Peter Gordon with predictably amazing results. "Beachcombing" writhes with heavenly, crushed atmosphere, shadowy hardware and metallic melodies intertwined with some luxurious saxophone. Entrancing.


A stand out moment from Bibio's exceptional new album. Sparkles and swings with infectious ease, sunny, stuttering beats tumbling with playful glee.

Petroleum Paisley

The best of the many short but very sweet little sketches of barmy psychadelic, wide-eyed wonder from The Focus Group's album on Ghost Box. Excellent title too.


Swirly, cymbal driven pop and one of the richer, deeper turns from Kyle Hall's new album, the meandering sing-song vocals peculiarly catchy. Though even this more introspective turn is bathed in raw, electrical static, imbued with that D.I.Y kick that always makes his music so special.


From Alex Lloyd's third Ninja Tune EP. Stirring strings tremble elegantly, while piano keys tinker beautifully. A graceful and lovely composition.

Tribal Tone (Capracara Remix)

Dizzy party music that will keep a dance floor very happy from the label who do energetic beats the best, Unknown To The Unknown.


Paula Temple makes a show-stopping come back for R&S. Slabs of brutalist funk that counter harmonics with dissonance and grating machine noise. Industrial techno at its most unhinged.

Diane Young

Perky, sticks-on-the-brain pop music from Vampire Weekend's new album. Effortless and breezy listening.