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Best Of Bleep Chart


Last track on "Eu Sei Quem Sou", this sort of introduced us to the bridge between pure African kuduro, classic rave and bleep culture and racing track muscle; lots of emotion and drama.


Properly tested on Photonz' DJ sets, this is both a banger and a deep atmospheric house tune. Photonz hold everything together for over 11 minutes; some science!


Complex piano house workout within the classic Niagara style of rugged dance music; just plain genius from the Other Side, we think.


Just unbelievable, when we first heard it; always and forever a landmark for the label; like a 20th century contemporary composer melting in Africa and recording the results live with drummers directing the groove.

África Congo

Representing Blacksea Não Maya and some of the landscapes these producers imagine about Africa; tribal, tense melody, futuristic but in fact very traditional.

O Vento Uma Verdadeira Amizade

Marvellous percussion and melodic work by the allstar team of DJ Lilocox, DJ Maboku and DJ Firmeza.

O Tempo Da Vida

Moving, romantic, direct African house music imagined by the then 16-year old producer; absolute crossover hit for boys and girls.

7 Maravilhas (Damas Da Cor Do Pecado)

Airy afro house banger; crystal-clear dancefloor sadness turned happy.

Puto Iuri

Nidia produces on the edge of kuduro, totally inventing new twists for rave. One of the wonderfully weird tracks off of "Danger".

Grito Das Crianças

Fine example of the captivating synthetic slow jam called tarraxo jacking, bubbling, African mood music to get fires started.