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Best Of Bleep Chart

The Expanding Universe

Minimal synthesizer genius from the late 70s/ 80s. I can't get enough of this stuff. Laurie Spiegel's work really speaks to me. Her music is a great combination of outer space, early synthesizers, tape & appalachian folk tonality. The track Patchworks, ah! I listen to it at least once a week … every week!


Bought a Drukqs CD when I was 11 years old. I remember cueing up track 1 "Jynweythek Ylow " and feeling like I was inside a giant magical mechanical grandfather clock world. This album is full of surprises and thats why I love it. Half of which is cozy and the other deranged.

Fela With Ginger Baker Live!

The title says it all. Fela Kuti & Ginger Baker. I went for a run one day with BBC's Fela documentary in headphones. Long story short, I ended up running farther than ever. No sore anything! The most intense energy distilled in this music. In addition, great spoken excerpts of Fela on this record introducing the meaning of the song titles to the crowd.

Ambivalence Avenue

I love Bibio's warm tape saturated world. Timeless tunes on this album.

Library Catalog Music Series: Music for Drums

An entire album built on percussion. Drums processed through samplers, FX and sequencers.

No Mas

This album is really exciting. Soulful and retro as all hell. A huge influence on my latest EP.

Tayi Bebba

Always searching for that producer who nails the african / electronic sound. Floored by this release. Clap! Clap! & Debruit are my favorites of this territory.

Go Plastic

This album contains some of the coolest drum programing I know. Greenways Trajectory is a great tune to throw on headphones while in public transit!

Levels - EP

An exotic ambient adventure. A fantastic one. Lush & wet.

Pull My Hair Back

Currently, I really love this album. Listening over and over again. The synths are Crisp! The drums are crisp!