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My Panda Shall Fly

Best Of Bleep Chart

Yellow Dust

Absolutely deadly mutant-funk meets hyper-jazz. Very very recommended if you wanna freak out! I've never encountered electro-acoustic music like this before.

Obaa Sima

Another 1990s treasure unearthed and respectfully re-issued by Awesome Tapes From Africa. "Daa Nyinaa" is a pure beast of a hit. Unresistable dance-floor material.

Harnessed the Storm

A welcome repress of 2002 release, at a time when I probably had no idea what "techno" music was! Very grateful to be discovering this LP the second time around. Glistening textures and super-catch melody meets menacing 4X4 drum machine outbursts.

Z (aka Bernard Szajner) presents Visions of Dune

Mesmerizing, other-worldy composition's from the "French Brian Eno" that float between evil purple landscapes and golden icy lakes. Generously coloured with bizarre analog synthesizer barks.

It'll All Be Over

The fact that this record wasn't a bigger hit than it was is a crime! This is sublime gospel music at its finest; silky smooth vocals married with the funkiest instrumental quintet. The soundtrack for a perfect Summer's afternoon.

Soul Jazz Records Presents Popol Vuh: Kailash - Pilgrimage to the Throne of Gods / Piano Recordings

Astounding collection of "lost" Popol Vuh piano recordings by founding member Florian Fricke, touching on spiritual mystery and ambiguity. This is essential listening to any Popol Vuh fan - or even anyone remotely interested in avant-garde music of the the 1970s.

Behind The Curtain - The Lost Album

Interesting multi-track tape experiments from Romania in the 70s. What I love is how it leans towards old-school video game music - akin to 1st person RPGs on the NES system!


Hard to believe this music is only as young as 2014! Wonderfully timeless. Shades of early Floyd, Soft Machine Beatles Gong and so much more. Had this come out in the 70s, no doubt it would have been a huge hit.

An Evolutionary Music (Original Recordings: 1972 - 1979)

Hypnotic French contemplations from a mult-instrumentalist wizard with a humongous back catalogue. Yet this special record teems with beautiful tunings, scales, modes & timings, borrowed from his travels across the world, it must be heard. Music that heals my soul.

Touch of Evil (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Seductively bold and full of sass. This OST no doubt inspired a wave of murder mystery/noir films that followed with its originality & character. Fave track has got to be "Orson Around", simply for the great pun.