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Best Of Bleep Chart


Were super excited about this crazy post Grime instrumental stuff or what ever people are calling it now, basically its awesome.
So many great mutations of genres happening at the moment, and more of it we say.
Triangle records. Sooo hot right now.
Were big fans of all there output.

MARCHROMT30a Edit 2b 96

Some new up and coming guy.


Big fans of both of theses guys separately so the combination is a bit of a dream team.
Nice guys and now label mates. Good times.


Well this is f***ing filth. Can Raster Noton do any wrong. Not in our book.


Always liked Bjork , saw here in the Dublin years ago with Underworld she was awesome.
looking forward to having a good listen to this. Our mate Spaces helped produce one of the tracks. The fancy pants.


The usual shameless self plug . Got to be done. Listened back to it the whole way through and still excited by it as an complete album, not just a collection of 12 inch bangers.
Music for listening to, we hope.

Asunder, Sweet and Other Distress

The band with a long name that write long tracks, release record with long title.
You can beat this bunch for long building epicness . There great live too.


Alway love some Biosphere for some downtime.

Rup On Zebra

Pure wonkyness, his stuff is always unique and different.

1 Sec

Whats not to like about this colab. More please.
Looking forward to having a chew through there fabric mix as well.
Looks like some searious headphones,time.