Bleep Interviews JK Flesh

May 3rd, 2012

We caught up with Justin Broadrick (Godflesh, Jesu, Pale Sketcher) to talk a little about his latest, JK Flesh, project...

Bleep: This is the first album you've done as JK Flesh, but the name first appeared on the very first Techno Animal release (alongside 'Kevin The Bug' Martin) back in 1991. Why have you decided to record as JK Flesh again and how does it fit in with the rest of your creative output as Jesu, Pale Sketcher, Final, Godflesh etc.?

JK Flesh: Yeah, Kevin, jokingly over the mixing desk in the studio, started to refer to me as JK Flesh; I, in turn, started referring to him as K Mart. We began using these pseudonyms on all Techno-Animal input, mine stuck somewhat and I liked using it for my trips into 'electronica' that were partial to a bit of brutality, or just generally 'fucked up'... I was aware that if i released anything 'electronica' based again, that had some sense of pervading darkness, and was mutantly brutal, then the JK Flesh pseudonym would be what I release under... Creatively, JK Flesh is more related to my 'darker' projects like Godflesh, then my more moody, melancholic and tuneful projects like Pale Sketcher and Jesu - both of those exist as post-anger projects, whereas JK Flesh and Godflesh are in the thick of the hate and frustration.

B: Quite different to the music that you make as Jesu or Pale Sketcher, 'Posthuman' seems to nod more to the crushing, sludgy hip-hop of Techno Animal and the more spatial sound of later Godflesh? Does this shift indicate that your music is again becoming more aggressive and less personal i.e. regarding the music of Jesu? The track-titles on the new album certainly indicate this.

JKF: I'm just addressing the balance; if I make, almost exclusively, any one sound that is reflective of a certain set of moods, once i've been so immersed in this work, I often wish to counter it with something opposing....It's been some time coming now, but i have been eager to explore harder and confrontational sounds for some time, I've accumulated the sounds over the last 'X' amount of years, but rarely finished anything, the reformation of Godflesh has been the catalyst for me wishing to actually start finishing material that i have been working on for some time. I definitely missed working on Techno-Animal and Godflesh material; this JK Flesh project has given me an excuse to almost merge the two and bridge the gaps that existed between the two projects...

B: Do you almost have to get into 'character' when you record under your aliases?

JKF: It all depends on mood for me, what's inspiring me, how I feel day to day...I think i've been frustrated for some time having very little avenue for expression of anger, hate and general misanthropy - and now i have a few perfect avenues with JK Flesh, the reformed Godflesh and a little known project I do called White Static Demon, which really is the most generally disagreeable project I do, due to it's focus almost exclusively on 'noise' and not beats and basslines...

B: What else is happening with you in the near future? Are you planning to take JK Flesh on the road? We've also heard rumours that Godflesh will perform the seminal 'Pure' album including the original line-up of Robert Hampson of Loop. Can you deny / confirm?

There's is so much going on - more production, remixes, projects, all this whilst trying to also bring up my 11 month old son, Benjamin! The debut JK Flesh performance happened at the legendary Roadburn festival recently, which was a great experience, one that needs repeating, so I am now looking at more shows - Supersonic festival in Birmingham as just confirmed for later this year - more to come, and yes indeed, Loop legend Robert Hampson will be joining us for an exclusive performance of the Godflesh album, 'Pure', from 1992, which Robert played on half of shortly after the split of Loop! This will be happening again at the legendary Roadburn festival, 2013!!!